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Six winds hands of Tensho

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Tensho is a Ju (yielding/hard) form specific to Goju Ryu and was created by Chojun Miyagi to compliment the Go (resisting/soft) form; Sanchin. The source of inspiration may have been the book, Bubishi, a collection of hand written martial notes by Chinese teachers that was passed on from master to pupil as a Meikyo or master teachers licence.

Within the Bubishi is a section on Rokkisho, the Six Wind Hands (of Shaolin). This is a set of 6 diagrams with annotations on the method of using open hand techniques to effect the Dim Mak or death touch. The term 'death touch', is misleading, deliberately so in my opinion, as deep penetration is required to a effect the reaction.

These hand methods require Iron Hand training to make them effective as great strength and development is required. As the boned of young people are still developing, it is not recommended that anyone under the age of eighteen should undertaken Iron hand training.

Six wind hands refer to the strikes that are utilised to effect deep penetration to a vital points often arteries to cause aneurysm and thrombosis. The hands must be able to move swiftly, changing direction and angle as required to allow the strike to find its target before the penetrating like a cold north wind into the bones.

There are accounts that when Chojun Miyagi first demonstrated this form, it was described by others as being effeminate, no doubt because of its relaxed graceful moves. Many schools now perform this as a hard kata. In the Sodokan it is still taught is a relaxed manner to develop the whole body feeling with energy issuing from the hands correctly.

Tensho was one of the three fundamental kata that Chojun Miyagi advised should be practised. The other two being Sanchin and Naihanchi.

Hand positions utilise the wrist, back of hand and palms, cutting with both edges of the hands, palm heel and spear hands.

The legs still maintain the kihon dachi (fundamental stance) of Sanchin that trap and hold the opponents leg whilst controlling and attacking the upper body.
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