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When the opponent attacks and then withdraws, follow them back. Don't allow the space between you to grow, otherwise they will control the distance and can launch another attack when they feel ready. Follow them back with your kamae.

There are three sections; the arms, legs and torso. Each must work in harmony with the other as a unit, this is Sanchin of the body.

The Sanchin of the arm is the shoulder, elbow and wrist.
The Sanchin of the leg is the hip, knee and ankle.
The Sanchin of the torso is the neck/throat, middle of back/solar plexus and small of the back/lower abdomen.

When you receive the opponent do so softly. If you tense up, your balance can be broken and your strength can be overcome. Softly means maintaining relaxed pliable joints so that the whole body (three sections) is utilised.
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