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Woolston Dojo

West End

7 Defender Walk

Classes: Tuesday & Thursday
Adults: 8.00 - 9.30pm

Kevin Williams

Background: The school is run by Kevin Williams, 4th Dan and has studied karate for over 20 years. He is willing to teach new students who have the correct attitude and the desire to learn.

Rank: Kevin Williams holds 4th Dan awarded by Master Kiyoshi Yonemoto, Seibukan Honbu dojo, Japan.

Membership fees: Annual membership including insurance £20.00

Dojo fees: Payable weekly £5.00

Environment: Japanese style wooden training hall in garden setting. Class size is small with individual attention.

Dojo visits: Interested parties are welcome to attend and watch a lesson.

Lesson content: This depends on the level of the student, however a typical lesson will include a warm up with stamina and stretching exercises. Followed by:

Kihon -stationary and moving fundamental technique development.
Kakie - pushing hands to develop sensitivity.
Kata - practice and analysis of formal attack and defense routines.
Kumite- controlled fighting with a partner

Teaching emphasis: Initial lessons focus on students developing the fundamental goju ryu blocking, striking and kicking methods with an emphasis on natural movement and correct posture. By following a structured syllabus, members are able to progress at a steady rate which can be assessed and recognized.

The school is for beginners and for students of other schools that are still searching for answers and looking for a new perspective.

Williams is keen to teach the full breadth of the art, rather than concentrating on 'sport karate' and its emphasis on strength. As members of the dojo become more experienced they will be taught how to use the pre arranged forms for self defense purposes.

You are welcome to contact Kevin Williams on Tel: 07795 343966

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