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West End


Location: West End Karate School (Home dojo)
                41 Swaythling Road
                West End, Southampton
                Hants, SO30 3AG

                Classes: Monday's (except Bank Holidays) and Wednesday's
                Adults: 18 yrs and over 8.15pm - 9.45pm

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Membership fees: Annual membership including insurance £20.00

Dojo fees: £30 payable monthly

Environment: Class sizes are small, maximum of ten students, enabling individual attention. Lessons take place in a private wooden training hall known in Japanese as a 'dojo' or a place where the way is practiced. The emphasis of this school is to develop individual's level and skills according to their ability. The teachings centre around the physical, mental and spiritual looking to provide an holistic approach.

Entry to Dojo: Prospective students must be of sincere and of good character with social awareness. Permission to be a student of the Sodokan is subject to acceptance and dependent on probationary period

Lesson content: This depends on the level of the student, however a typical lesson will include a warm up with stamina and stretching exercises. Followed by:

Kihon -stationary and moving fundamental technique development.
Kakie - pushing hands to develop sensitivity.
Kata - practice and analysis of formal attack and defense routines.
Kumite- controlled fighting with a partner

Teaching emphasis: On developing natural movement and the understanding of how the techniques of Goju work without utilizing brute force.

Background: Mike Clark began the practice of Goju Ryu is 1971 and is a 5th Dan, senior student of Sensei Kiyoshi Yonemoto of the Seibukan, Tokyo, Japan.

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