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Goju Ryu concepts  
Three sections - using arms,legs, torso together Hikite Chambering
Rooting - principles and key points Essence and principles of Goju Ryu Karate
The straight punch Karate - empty tradition or living tradition
Hakkei the explosive power of Sanchin Between Hard and Soft
Roots of Sanchin kata Origins of Kanryo Higashionna's Naha Te
Background information on the Gekisai kata  
Commentary on Gekisai dai ichi Kata Three conflicts of Sanchin kata
Commentary on Saifa kata The principles of Saifa are Folding, Whipping and Grounding.
Performance of Saifa kata
Commentary on Seiunchin kata Tensho - the six wind hands
Shisoshin & the four principles of sink, float, spit, swallow What is Heishu & Kaishu Kata
Building posture through Sanchin and Naihanchi Tensho the six wind hands


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