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Hsing-I: Chinese Mind-Body Boxing by Robert W. Smith. Considered a classic. Includes history, philosophy, training sets and two-person fighting techniques. Also included are quotations from the ancient Chinese masters that detail the mental disposition of the boxer, along with photographs and illustrations.

Available via Xing Yi Quan Xue: The Study of Form-Mind Boxing by Sun Lu Tang.
Sun Lu Tang was one of the legendary figures in Chinese martial arts because of his skill and his promotion of Xing Yi Quan. He was also the founder of the Sun style taiji (tai chi) quan . This Xing Yi (Hsing I) book contains poses of Sun performing basically the entire Xing Yi system.
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Available via Form and Will Boxing Lin Jianhua
Includes the five fists and twelve anaimals. Also includes to of the Hebei style forms. Written style and photo quality could be better but good content
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Available via Xingyiquan: Theory, Applications, Fighting Tactics and Spirit Yang Jwing-Ming, Liang Shou-Yu, Liang Shou-Yu Details two sequences with many of the applications, including the fight set "Ann Shenn Pau", Instruction for traditional xingyiquan training methods. Includes discussion of xingyiquan theories and principles. Available via
Available via The Power of Internal Martial Arts by Bruce Kumar Frantzis
The focus of this book is upon the combat usefulness and qualities of the three traditional internal styles, namely Tai Chi Chuan (Taiji Chuan), Hsing Yi(Xingyi), and Pa Kua (Bagwa). This is not an instruction book for beginners.
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Available via Hsing-i: Chinese Internal Boxing Robert Smith, Allen Pittman
Covers basic techniques, the five fists of Hsing-I, and the 12 animal style of Hsing-I as taught by the master Ch'en P'an-ling.
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Untraditional Hsing-I: Secret of Five-element Boxing

Robb Whitewood breaks it down in terms of physics, physiology and motor mechanics. The book concentrates on the five fists and not the 12 animal forms

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