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Shihan-Te by Darrell Carig and Paul Anderson
Covers the elements Bunkai, (breakdown and analysis), Oyo Bunkai, (applications), Henka (variations and changes)and Kakushi (hidden techniques) within kata.
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Okinawan Karate. The secret art of Tuite by Javier Martinez.
Explores Tuite ("grappling") and the Bunkai (anlaysis) of the Isshin-ryu kata: Seisan, Seiunchin, Naihanchi, Wanso, Chinto, and Kusanku. Reviews the methods of punching, twisting, and body movement
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Karate's Grappling Methods by Iain Abernethy

Grappling techniques that can be found in the kata and applied as bunkai. Demonstrates takedowns, ground fighting, chokes, strangles and locks.

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Secret Karate: The Hidden Pressure-point Techniques of Kata by Ashley Croft
Details the location of pressure points and how they might be attacked in relation to kata bunkai. Covers western anatomy and the eastern meridians of chi circulation.
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