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Hyams recounts more than 25 years of experience in the martial arts, revealing how the daily application of Zen principles not only developed his physical expertise but gave him the mental discipline to control his personal problems, self-image, work pressure, competition and relationships with other people.

Written from an almost Japanese perspective, this text offers an entertaining and informative view of the martial arts. Topics explored include entering the martial way, the paradoxes and conflicts, and how to adapt to the mindset necessary for true mastery of the art.

This work suggests that the philosophy and competitive strategy presented by the spiritual mentor to Musashi is as useful to modern corporate warriors as it was to 17th-century samurai. cover
This is a translation of an important classic on Zen swordfighting. Yagyu's Buddhist spirituality is reflected in his central idea of the "life-giving sword" - the notion of controlling an opponent by the spiritual readiness to fight, rather than during the fight. cover
Essays explore the common principles shared by Japanese calligraphy and the martial arts, using terms from the martial arts as examples to show how calligraphy and the martial arts draw on the same elemental spirit.
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