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Sodokan Goju is led by Mike Clark a student of Goju Karate since 1981and teaches at his home dojo (martial school) in Southampton, England.

The Sodokan studies 'Yonemoto Ha', the teachings of Sensei Kiyoshi Yonemoto a lineage master of the Bubishi.This is an historic Chinese martial training manual handed down from master to disciple as a certificate of mastery.

As a 'Bubishi no Ken', (Bubishi's Fist) school, we are always seeking to reach a higher level of understanding based on the direct teachings passed from generation to generation, teacher to student.

  Mike Clark

The main school is the Sodokan meaning the 'Creative way school', named by Yonemoto Sensei in 1997 when visiting the class.The Creative Way refers to the never ending study and discovery of the principles and essence of Goju Karate Do. From this discovery comes the creation of new insights and understanding. The Sodokan teaching embodies the underlying concept of forging a strong inner spirit, having a friendly heart and keeping an enquiring mind.

Clark teaches his students to look at their Goju with a questioning mind . Studying the way of karate is a constant voyage of discovery, one that never ends. Traveling to Japan to study with his teacher Yonemoto Sensei each year brings new lessons and insights.   

Beginners, students and teachers from other schools with an genuine desire to learn and of good heart are welcome to study at the Sodokan. In this way there are opportunities to continue to develop and learn for those who are still searching.

Sodokan studies in depth each facet of Goju Karate, and students are encouraged to ask themselves How, Why and When.   

The Bubushi tradition is the schools starting point, not the end. Each teacher before adds their knowledge to the teaching, passing this on to the next generation so making this a living and growing discipline.

                                                                                            Mike Clark 
                                                                                            Southampton, England 

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